FIM product range

For FIM applications we offer several product categories.

  • PA films (Polyamide)

    For our high-quality polyamide films we use PA 12 as well as amorphous and microcrystalline polyamides. We recommend using these films if the following properties are required:

    • High transparency and brilliance
    • Outstanding chemical resistance
    • High UV resistance and weather resistance
    • Resistance against abrasion
    • Good mechanical durability
    • High heat deflection temperature

    Even without additional coating, our PA films are state-of-the-art in regard to these properties. Especially if all these requirements need to be met at once, there is no alternative to our products!

    The application of PA films does not necessitate the use of compatible injection molding compounds! If a suitable printing inking system is selected, PA films can also easily be back-molded with incompatible injection molding compounds such ABS, ABS/PC, PC, etc.  Please contact us for further information!

    Besides standard printing, we offer an additional design option with our embossed structures!

    Especially our Opto4D model features unique depth effects that look great in FIM components. If desired, we also offer PA films customized with your design by thermosublimination printing.

  • PP films (Polypropylene)

    Films made of polypropylene with low density offer a great price-performance ratio along with good mechanical properties, outstanding resistance against chemicals, and high formability. 

    Targeted embossments and surface structures can be applied to optimize reduced resistance against abrasion. Standard PP films are black; other colors or natural are available upon customer request. 

  • ABS films (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene)

    ABS offers exceptional impact strength, dimensional stability and heat deflection properties and is easily thermoformable. In contrast to PP, this material offers outstanding surface brilliance and improved abrasion resistance. ABS films are naturally translucent and suitable for application in back lighting.

    Depending on the part geometry, electroplating in a separate step is also possible.

    ABS films are also available in opaque colors upon request and can be used as carriers of coatings or for decoration.

  • PC films (Polycarbonate)

    Films made of PC provide  very good optical properties such as high transmission and very low haze. PC can be easily thermoformed and is characterized by high impact strength and heat resistance. For these reasons PC-films have  been in use for FIM  applications successfully for manyyears.

    But the amorphous nature of PC causes low chemical resistance and might thus limit the usage of PC films. We mainly offer PC films with embossed structures, which offer a broad range of design opportunities and significantly increased scratch resistance.

  • PMMA films (Polymethylmetacrylate)

    PMMA is a highly transparent material with excellent UV stability. PMMA is easily thermoformed. With regard to scratch resistance, PMMA is unsurpassed in comparison to other uncoated thermoplastic materials.

    Compared to PA or PC, the heat resistance and the level of mechanical properties are lower.