ISOGUARD – Glue-free, temporary protection films for high-quality surfaces

Unique properties of ISOGUARD

Glue-free – no glue residue
The bonding layer of our protection films is manufactured by coextrusion and is thus a permanent part of the film, in contrast to protection films with adhesive coating. This way, undesirable glue residues on the substrate are avoided when the protection film is removed!

Individually adjusted bond strength values and film properties 
Based on special formulations we are able to adjust bond strength values and mechanical durability of protection films to individual uses and to stay flexible in meeting customer needs. 
We offer protection films for smooth and structured surfaces as well as for all types of substrate materials (films, sheets, plastic profiles, metal surfaces, painted surfaces, etc.).

Homogenous films with top surface quality
ISOGUARD films are manufactured in clean room-conditions. Thus they are extremely clean and almost free of inhomogeneities and specks. 
Optimal production processes additionally ensure that our protection films provide state-of-the-art surface qualities. On the one hand, this ensures great bond strength values, on the other hand there are no deformations of the surface that needs to be protected. We also offer suitable protection films for optical applications.

Individual film color
To additionally protect substrates against UV and weather conditions, we offer specially colored protection films.
Of course we also provide customized dyeing of protection films to provide for product labeling or manufacturer-specific color codes.

Abrasion-resistant intermediate layer printing
If needed protection films can be furnished with logos or labels. This print is between film layers and is thus completely protected against scratching and abrasion.

Packaging as rolls suitable to application
Depending on the wide roll manufactured, we supply you with individual roll widths and lengths according to your needs. Thanks to the single-stage manufacturing process, in which carrier film and bonding layer form a unit, chances of telescoping are greatly reduced in even narrow rolls with minimal width.

Attractive price-performance ratio
Thanks to our economic manufacturing process we are able to offer our customers protective films with outstanding price-performance ratios.

  • Applications
    • High performance films (coated and uncoated) made of PET, PC, PMMA, etc.
    • Optical applications (TFT screens, LCD screens, touch screens, etc.)
    • Formable Coatings (films with not entirely cured coatings) 
    • Plastic sheets made of PMMA, PC, PET-G, PS, PVC, HIPS, etc. with smooth or structured surfaces 
    • Cast, extruded (XT-PMMA) PMMA sheets with smooth surfaces for thermal forming (i.e. sanitary applications)  
    • Plastic profiles made of PVC, PP, ABS, etc. with smooth or structured surfaces or surfaces coated with decorative films
    • Uncoated and coated metal substrates with smooth or structured surfaces (anodized aluminium, special steel, coil coating, etc.)


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