ISOSPEED - extruded transparent running bases

To meet the increasing technological requirements in manufacturing and in the utilization of ski and snowboards, we also have to continually improve our products, such as our extruded transparent running bases made of polyethylene (PE).

In this product group, ISOSPORT offers two standard types:

  • IS TT 1600

    Our designer favorite: Top Transparent Extruded Base.

    Extruded ski and snowboard running base made of HDPE with high transparency of 67% and improved ink adhesion, direct digital printing with state-of-the-art CF sanding (Contour Finish) is possible.


  • IS 4400

    This base has very high molecular weight of 600,000 compared to other products in the group of extrusion bases, lending it excellent wear performance and gliding behavior. High heat deflection temperatures with a maximum recommended processing temperature of 130°C make this base perfectly suitable for foam and sandwich constructions.


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