ISOSPEED - sintered black running bases

Sintered black running bases made of UHMW-PE are the fundamental base for optimal gliding and wear properties for skis and snowboards in the high-end market and its performance demands. For this reason, ISOSPORT places significant emphasis on constant advancements and improvements in this product category.

The ongoing development of production technologies, the operation of our own test track and the focus on new raw materials and additives are the foundation for continual advancements in this product program, resulting in an extensive standard range of running bases that offer optimal solutions for every requirement. 

  • IS CB 7215 C6

    Inexpensive ski and snowboard running base with high carbon content made of UHMW Polyethylene.


  • IS CB 7505 C6

    Sintered ski and snowboard running base made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) with special types of carbon.
    Application for die-cut technology.


  • IS CB 7515 C10

    Sintered ski and snowboard running bases made of UHMW polyethylene with high molecular weight featuring excellent sanding properties, minor greying and high black value thanks to high-grade carbon type C10.


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