Additional information on printing

For optimal printing results, please consider the following information for each product group:

For screen-printing we recommend flame treatment of the side to be printed on.
For a combination with incompatible injection molding compounds (such as ABS, ABS/PC, PC, etc.) in the scope of the FIM process, suitable printing systems are available in the market that contain adhesion agents and ensure flawless bonding between the film and the injection molding compound.
We also recommend flame treatment in some cases before thermosublimation printing in order to increase adhesion of the marking ink consequently applied (i.e. in screen-printing).  

Embossed foils & Opto 4D
The unique optical depth effects can be reinforced even further by a targeted selection of the used design.  Depending on the embossment, especially in screen-printing, several steps may be required. We look forward to assisting you with any questions you may have. 

TPU & TPU blends
Before screen-printing and digital printing we generally recommend Corona pre-treatment.
For digital printing we recommend using solvent-based systems and the use of our films in digital printing quality with optimized surface structures. 
TPU-based films are not suitable for thermosublimation printing. 

PP films
We recommend Corona pre-treatment, respectively flame treatment before screen-printing.

Sintered PE & UHMW-PE
For screen-printing, grinding and flame treatment of the side to be printed on are required. Especially for digital printing, we recommend our ContourFinish method that is offered for select types. 

Shrinkage reduction & tempering
There may be some undesired reduction through shrinkage in the manufacturing of films, on the one hand caused by orientation effects (length-wise/across), on the other hand because of so-called “molded-in stresses” owing to repeated temperature influences (such as during the drying process after printing, during the application, etc.).
This can be improved by tempering.
Thus, in individual cases we recommend heating the films in a drying oven before the first print run.