Basically all forming methods are suitable for our thermoplastic films:

Hot pressing
This method is often applied in the ski and snowboard industry. The film is formed by pressure and heat, pressed onto the components beneath and bonded with epoxy or polyurethane systems. This method is mainly suited for planar composite parts with low deep drawing ratios.
Process parameters depend on component geometry, wall thickness of the film and of course the used film. 


Vacuum deep drawing
This method is also suitable for higher deep drawing ratios in larger components and we recommend it mainly for our PP or ABS films.
Forming temperature should be adjusted to the respective heat deflection temperatures (Vicat values) of the materials.  

High pressure forming (HPF)
In this process, the heated films are quickly formed under very high pressure. This method ensures very high precision and reproducibility. Compared to deep drawing there are some restrictions on deep drawing ratios. We recommend HPF especially for our PA films for the production of preforms for FIM moldings (Film Insert Molding).