ISODUR - Insert materials

ISOSPORT insert materials for skis and snowboards are available in several product groups. These are thermoplastic materials, such as ABS or blends. They are mainly utilized in the tip and tail areas for evening out differences in thicknesses and as intermediate layer, i.e. in areas of partial lamination.

Outstanding bonding materials are of special significance for insert materials as they are bonded to the carrying splices on several sides. Therefore these products are sanded on one side or both sides or flame-treated upon customer request.
Regarding inserts made of thermoplastic materials, the materials ABS, PE and special compounds are extruded into films. The material is cut into strips or sheets according to customer request. Color selection for all ID 2000 product types is available in line with the color range for side wall materials. 

Special products based on glass fiber-reinforced ABS or polyethylene round off the product range and are available upon customer request.

  • ID 2000

    This specially modified ABS type is produced in an extrusion process and can be universally utilized thanks to excellent bonding ability, high impact strength under low temperature conditions as well as to high temperature stability. ID 2000 is offered in color settings based on our standard color range.


  • ID 1000

    Besides classic quality criteria, such as impact strength and excellent bonding properties, ID 1000 is a highly cost-effective product. In contrast to ID 2000, pre-treatment of ID 1000 is recommended.


  • ID 4400

    Our extruded HDPE (polyethylene) grade for utilization as insert material is suitable especially for applications where high temperature stability is required.


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