Decorative aluminium composites

Production of ISODECOLINE (IDL) aluminium composites involves finishing of an aluminium band with embossments or perforations and lamination into a composite in a continuous process procedure to ensure clean and easy processing for the customer. The top layer and the bottom side are defined together with the customer. The bottom side may be composed of various carrier materials such as polyester fleece or polyamide films. Various hot-melt adhesives and films can be selected from for the top layer.

Thanks to the broad range of embossments and perforations, there are no limits to creative design (i.e. for insert materials in ski construction). The imitation of various metals such as copper, gold, etc. is possible based on combining aluminium composites with sublimated, transparent polyamide films. Formability of IDL aluminium composites is very limited because of the fragile nature of the very thin aluminium films, which tend to crack easily.

Aluminium bands are available in various strengths (20µm, 50µm, 90µm).

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