Our progressive production technology enables us to glue-laminate solid wood panels made from lamellas.

ISOWOODCORE solid wood cores are made of app. 20mm wide lamellas. If required smaller and wider lamellas can be used.

Technical details:

  • Moisture: 7-8%
  • Dovetails: vertical
  • sustainable PVAC glue
  • Surface: one or both sides polished

Types of wood:

Poplar, beech, ash, exotic types (e.g. pawlonia, bamboo, balsa, etc.). An overview of the types of wood on offer including technical properties can be downloaded in pdf-format.


  • Very good ratio of weight, flexibility, stability and torsion
  • Low weight when compared to veneer cores
  • Various combinations of different types of woods
  • Flexible application possibilities (ISOCORE, PU-foam, honeycomb cores, carbon layers)
  • Wood types are categorized in different weight classes – constant technical properties
  • FSC certified wood cores
  • High wood quality and precise production methods


We process wood with different weight classifications. E.g. poplar has density variations from 330 to up to 500kg/m³ which can lead to similar deviations of the physical properties of the wood and as a result also on the finished skis or snowboards.

In order to avoid this, we split the wood up into different weight classifications with an automatic weight sorting system. This enables us to limit the variations to a very small scope. Therefore, we can offer cores with extremely constant properties and very light weight.

Your contact:

Mario Kornherr
+43 2682 703 226

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