Sandwich-composite panels

Technical product requirements are continuously increasing: high durability and low weight are key, necessitating the application of new, high-performance composite materials. To meet these demands, ISOSPORT has developed LAMINAEX panels based on sandwich construction.

The foundation is LAMINAEX PP foam. Thanks to its low weight of up to 350 kg/m³, its high pressure resistance and its homogeneous, closed-cell foam structure it constitutes the perfect core material for sandwich constructions. 
In combination with high-tensile top layers such as aluminium sheets or fiber composites this foam provides a stable sandwich structure with a long product life. 

The broad spectrum of design varieties offers a perfect balance between vital properties such as weight, mechanics, and resistance and price-performance ratio for utilization in numerous applications.
LaminaeX is manufactured with variable core thicknesses and cut to size. By selecting top layers and other modified surfaces (slip-resistant, wear-resistant, grained) and cuts according to specifications, we provide our customers with a vast scope of design possibilities.

The principle is based on a light, pressure-resistant core material featuring high foam density and fine-celled foam structures. In many areas of application, this material is inserted between two carrying top layers (aluminium or glass fiber), providing the panel with optimal surface structure and ensuring maximum bending strength and pressure resistance while featuring low weight.  

Panel thicknesses: 5 to 35 mm
Panel widths:  max. 1400 mm or welded – several panels are welded for larger formats.

Of course we provide individual assembly and processing according to customer specifications with our CNC processing installation!


• High mechanical resistance and low weight
• No water absorption – no rotting!
• High resistance against chemicals
• Stable technological properties during product life
• Processing similar to wood – i.e. nailing, screwing, sawing
• Surface repair in case of mechanical damage
• UV and weathering resistance
• 100% recyclable


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