ISOCAP - Opaque top sheets

ISOSPORT opaque top sheets were developed especially for the use in ski and snowboard construction and in water sports (i.e. in kite- and wakeboards). They are distinguished by their outstanding geometrical properties that ensure perfect processability for the customer. 

Here we ensure as well that these products comply with customer requirements in terms of their basic properties such as low temperature impact strength and adhesive properties (i.e. with epoxy systems) to meet the highest standards in customer requirements.

Thanks to special pre-treatment of the topside (version 2GV) these films can be decorated using screen-printing. Select films are also suitable for direct digital printing or thermo sublimation printing with the optional application of lacquer to protect the surface design.

We differentiate between three types of materials:

  • Opaque TPU film

    ICP 2115
    Affordable TPU-CAP film for snowboard or cross-country skis with opaque white or black coloring. The version “DD” is a specially developed design base film for direct digital printing; subsequent addition of a UV lacquer is optional


  • Polyester surfaces (PBT)

    These surfaces can be decorated using thermal transfer printing and/or screen-printing after special pre-treatment. Some types (such as ICP 4160) are offered with polyester fleece coating that provides easier bonding and geometrical stabilization during the thermo transfer printing process.
    ISOSPORT offers three standard types:

    • VL: 40 g/m², structured
    • VL2: 30 g/m², not structured
    • VL3: 10 g/m², not structured

    ICP 4160
    High-gloss 2-layer polyester cap surface film with optimized property profile regarding sublimation suitability, color brilliance, abrasion resistance and white inherent product color. Special, planar surface embossment available upon customer request. 


  • Two-layer polymaide (PA) film

    These ISOCAP two-layer films are sealed with a high-quality, friction- and temperature-stable polyamide seam and are of outstanding brilliance with excellent color rendering and UV stability. Various colorings and surface embossments offer a great range of applications for snowboards, cross-country skiing and surfaces of children’s skis using sublimation design.

    ICP 8100
    This high-quality CAP version made of PA11 for high-stress endurance provides excellent wear performance and stands out thanks to short cycle times in ski construction and in the sublimation process. This product is offered in white 021 in the standard version, other colors are available upon customer request


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