ISOCORE - Core materials

This polyurethane foam is reinforced with continuous glass fibers and exhibits unique properties thanks to its specific anisotropic structure:

  • Low specific weight (100- 400kg/m3)
  • High compressive strength (up to 23MPa)
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Low temperature expansion coefficient (similar to concrete)
  • Outstanding thermal insulation
  • Moisture resistance (no rotting)

In addition this material can be processed similar to wood (sawing, cutting, planeing, grinding, drilling, milling, bonding, coating). Its characteristics are comparable to those of balsawood, coupled with the advantages of a synthetic material featuring high resistance against moisture. 

Ski-Sandwich core material, Thermal Insulation, sandwich core for vehicle bodies (mobile homes, caravans, etc.) and boat hulls, building panels and base plates, model construction, inlays for wind blades (wind power)


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