ISODUR - thermoset resin sidewalls

For the production of these discontinuously manufactured press sheets, high-strength paper is saturated with phenol and melamine resins and compression-molded into highly resistant, durable and flexible sheets that ensure high-energy performance of skis thanks to exceptional material rigidity.

Form-locking bonding between the upper and lower reinforcement belts creates a torsion box with outstanding torsional rigidity.

Another great advantage of these materials is their exceptional processing temperature (of up to 150 °C), making them suitable for a broad range of applications. 

  • ID SKP

    SKP (Phenol) sidewalls have excellent mechanical properties and are exclusively available in their inherent color black.


  • ID SKE

    Our melamine-based SKE sidewall features outstanding elasticity that is unique in thermoset sidewalls and is offered in white as alternative color.


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