ISOGLASS - Pultruded laminates

The group of pultruded laminates is divided into unidirectional fiber laminates and transversal-reinforced laminates.

Unidirectional fiber laminates

A 100% unidirectional composition (with all endless fibers within the compound aligned in a parallel manner) ensures maximum stability and rigidity in the longitudinal direction. Shearing and tensile strength in the transverse direction are reduced. Thus this type is the optimal choice for uniaxial applications (i.e. in cross-country skis or building reinforcements). These products are also offered in glass, carbon, and basalt fibers and combinations thereof.
The variable arrangement of different fiber types allows for optimization of the price-performance ratio to meet individual customer needs.
Our laminates are manufactured on rolls or cut to length in thicknesses ranging from 0.25 mm to 1.6 mm and, depending on thickness, in widths of up to a maximum of 200 mm.

Transversal-reinforced laminates

A finely spun glass fabric with a surface weight of 75 g/m2 constitutes the transverse reinforcement between two unidirectional fiber-roving layers (i.e. made of carbon). This mid-layer transverse reinforcement decreases laminate breakage in the longitudinal axis and facilitates processability of the compound. Our laminates are produced on rolls or cut to length in thicknesses between 0.35 mm and 0.7 mm and in widths up to 180 mm.

Pultrusion system


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