ISOSPEED - sintered transparent running bases

Thanks to longtime experience, exclusively developed and patented operational steps and continuous material innovations, ISOSPORT offers top-quality and performance in the segment of running bases for skis and snowboards.

Sintered transparent running bases made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE)

These qualities are especially apparent in the group of transparent sintered bases. Highest possible molecular weights, maximum transparency, and outstanding processing properties guarantee top performance in various snow and ice conditions. All our transparent sintered running bases undergo state-of-the-art preparation according to type through sanding and flame treatment on the side of bonding for screen printingsublimation and decoration employing digital printing.

  • IS 7500

    Our all-round base with good wear resistance, good gliding behavior, very high molecular weight (9.2 million), and very low shrinkage.


  • IS 7500 CC

    Thanks to the patented CC process (“Controlled Crystallinity”) transparency of this base is higher than in IS 7500 while processing properties and gliding behavior are almost comparable to that of 7500.


  • IS TT 7700

    Sintered ski and snowboard running base made of UHMW Polyethylene with outstanding transparency and improved sanding properties. Digital printing with special CF sanding (Contour Finish) is possible.


  • IS 7200

    The base ISOSPEED IS 7200 is a standard running base made of sintered UHMW-PE with a good price-performance ratio, and great processing and sanding behavior. It is available in a vast range of colors.


  • IS TT 7700 R3410

    Sintered ski- and snowboard running base, made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) with high transparency.


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