Lighting technology & optics

Thanks to their property profile (high transparency, heat deflection temperature, etc.), the light effects that can be achieved by embossing, and their outstanding printing properties our films are highly suited for applications in lighting technology and optics. 

Opto 4D for lampshades
Owing to their unique lenticular effects and special light dispersion, Opto 4D films can easily be used as lampshades for designer lamps. The high heat deflection temperature of the films is another advantage.

Embossed films, Opto 4D for light-scattering films
Our broad range of standard embossments provides a vast spectrum of light scattering effects, such as they are utilized in lighting technology. Tailor-made embossments are available upon customer request to achieve optimal application effects. 

Printed design cover made of ICP4160FR for LED lighting


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