Multi-layer composite components

Thanks to a vast portfolio of products and manufacturing methods, ISOSPORT offers innovative solutions made of plastics and composite materials for nearly all customer needs.

For more complex applications, products (such as surfaces, laminates, running bases, films, core materials, etc.) can also be bonded into flat composite components (epoxy or polyurethane systems).

This way we are able to furnish product composites which customers would otherwise need to manufacture themselves in partially elaborate processes. To offer the broadest range of combinations possible, we offer components manufactured based on continuous process procedures as well as produced by the piece.

Please contact us if you have any questions or new ideas for products – we are looking forward to assisting you and providing you with the optimal solution for you needs!

Design examples:

  • Base component: running base (extruded or sintered) + Laminate
  • Surface component: surface + laminate
  • Core components: ISOCORE PUR foam + ABS or phenol / melamine side wall
  • Multi-layer side wall sheets (i.e. multicolored)

Further designs available upon customer request!

Your contact:

Manuel Ressler
+43 2682 703 560