Plant contruction and mechanical engineering

  • Abrasion-resistant linings of silos and bulk containers

    KOTERM does not only offer all these vital properties in heavy industry applications but greatly surpasses them:

    • Excellent material gliding behavior
    • Low material wear
    • Faster discharge (silo discharge)
    • Noise reduction


  • Mechanical engineering

    We manufacture mechanical engineering components tailored-made according to the drawings of our customers. Of course we also produce smaller batches on our CNC processing plants and include our own technological solutions in our customers’ projects.  

    In a nutshell: we offer you quick and reliable solutions based on our expertise!
    Advantages of KOTERM material:

    • Excellent resistance against wear and abrasion
    • Very low friction coefficient
    • Self-lubricating
    • No absorption of liquids


  • Filter disks for the chemical industry

    The efficiency of a filter system depends on the construction and the material used in the filter disk.
    Thanks to its good price-performance ratio and excellent properties compared to standard materials such as wood, aluminium or steel, polypropylene has proven to be the best choice.

    An overview of the advantages of our sintered, CNC-processed filter disks:

    • Outstanding sealing properties
    • Easy to clean
    • Low weight
    • Long product life
    • Corrosion resistance


  • Tank construction

    In this area of application, LaminaeX is the optimal material thanks to easy processability (with regular wood processing machines) and weldability.  We offer LaminaeX in special colors and with even, compact surfaces. The glass-fiber reinforced surface withstands stronger forces, making metal reinforcements redundant. This has a positive effect on corrosion resistance, making LaminaeX an interesting alternative to standard materials.

    Types of panels
    LAMINAEX PP polypropylene foam panel or
    LAMINAEX PP CS polypropylene foam panel with compact PP film
    Foam density 450 g/cm³ or 550 g/cm³
    Thickness of panel 10 - 30 mm

    Property profile
    Low weight
    The low weight offers significant advantages when it comes to logistics – handling a container made of a foamed LaminaeX panel is much easier than using compact polypropylene panels.

    High thermal insulation
    The high thermal insulation value of LaminaeX compared to standard polypropylene panels ensures reduced energy costs. It is also the most environmentally friendly choice in this area.

    Chemical resistance
    LaminaeX is highly durable thanks to its high acid resistance, and suitable for a vast variety of applications in tank construction.

    UV resistance
    LaminaeX panels are weather-resistant and optimal for application in every climate. UV rays do not affect material properties, ensuring long duration of product life.

    LaminaeX is a clean solution in the truest sense of the word – handling and cleaning are easy and eco-friendly; at the end of its product life, LaminaeX can be recycled in an environmentally sustainable manner.



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