Sintering & Skiving

General information on sintering

Sintering is the processing of a powder plastic of usually higher molecular weight. Especially high-molecular polymers such as UHMW-PE have such high melt viscosity that they cannot be processed by extrusion.

The prepared material is homogenized in a blender, filled into a form and compressed in a sintering press using heat and pressure, causing the particles to melt and the grain boundaries fuse into a compact structure. The block materials manufactured this way are mechanically processed in further steps.

Sintered skived films

This is how discs with a diameter of about 1000 mm are manufactured from which consequently thin films (coatings, skived films etc.). are “peeled” off.

Through the limited height of the forms, discs are welded together before skiving for films with broader widths (butt welding and mirror welding).
Depending on the requirements, materials are pre-treated after skiving with our patented CC process (crystallinity control). Crystallinity of bases is impacted through short heating above the melting point and subsequent quick cooling, thus optimizing transparency and dimensional stability.


Sintered sheets and moldings

We manufacture semi-finished blocks for further CNC processing from sheets which we can sinter in formats up to 130x2510x6100 mm.
Direct production of large-volume sintered moldings with special forms is also available upon customer request. Please visit the ISOKON website for further information.


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