Skived films

Skived films made of UHMW-PE ISF UH and cross-linked films LPEX

Our skived films are utilized as protective layer in the interior of hoses as well as coatings (in the food industry and in hydraulic hoses).

Primarily skived films are used as running-bases.

  • UHMW-PE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene)

    UHMW-PE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) is one of the most significant materials of the 21st century (Anmerkung des Übersetzers: das sollte im deutschen Text auch geändert warden, hier steht noch 20. Jahrhundert) and the foundation of many of our products. With its outstanding resilience, UHMW-PE provides great advantages compared to alternative materials.

    As standard, ISOSPORT offers ISOFILM UH with a molecular weight of 5 x 10^6 und 10 x 10^6 colored natural (translucent), in black and in white. 
    Special color settings are available upon customer request.

    ISOFILM UH offers a vast range of exceptional properties and advantages thanks to its very long molecular chains:

    - Very high resistance against abrasion and wear
    - Excellent gliding properties thanks to low friction coefficient
    - Exceptional impact strength even in very low temperatures
    - Remarkably high resistance against chemicals
    - Very good resistance against UV and weathering
    - Very good conductivity if required

  • LPEX30 or LPEX80 (cross-linked PE) films with very high UV stability, color “nature"

    High geometric stability (low stress levels) and high resistance against abrasion as well as high flexibility.
    In contrast to sintered materials, cross-linked PE can be processed more easily and provides a cost-efficient alternative.


    We offer ISOFILM skived films that fulfill the requirements by the FDA and USDA for utilization in the food industry and medical technology.
    We also manufacture films with high electrical conductivity and improved UV or temperature stability for very demanding and specialized types of applications.

    If you require a skived film with customized properties, please contact us! We are looking for to assisting you and providing you with the optimal solution while offering a great price-performance Ratio!

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