ISOGLASS - Fiber-reinforced epoxy composites

ISOSPORT manufactures various fiber-compound materials with epoxy matrix in continuous processes. This way we are able to offer you top-quality laminates with properties tailored to customer specifications.

In our beginnings, these fiber composites were developed especially for applications in ski and snowboard components. In the meantime, these materials are applied in many areas of various industries (such as construction and bridge reinforcements, automotive industry, wind power systems, signs on ski trails, etc.)

Rovings and fabrics made of glass, carbon and basalt are impregnated with high-quality epoxy resins and processed into Composites (continuous processing). Optimal penetration is achieved in special installations despite the high fiber component. Ongoing monitoring of basic components such as measurement of viscosity, reactivity, and epoxide number ensure a constant curing process in production and thus consistent product properties.  

For optimal combinations of rigidity and adhesive properties, laminates are offered with special surface finishes according to their thickness. For more information, please see our ISOGLASS product catalogue.

In order to provide you with a broad range of applications, we also offer combinations of composite fabrics and unidirectional fiber laminates.



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