Direct digital printing

Direct digital printing is a printing method where the printing image is directly transferred from a printer onto a film, making this process highly flexible, environmentally friendly and offering high quality printing.

A broad range of direct printers, especially for purposes of the advertising industry is offered on the market, not all of which are suitable for the printing on films. Depending on the printing system we offer you various, specially developed film products that are suited to meet the high standards of our customers’ requirements. 

Your Advantages:

  • Low processing times
  • Highly flexible and thus highly suitable for very small numbers of batches 
  • Just-in-time-production or also print-on-demand, thus no storage required  
  • Low purchase costs for necessary equipment 
  • Very high image resolution
  • Low costs thanks to low inking


  • Printing of metallic colors not possible
  • Neon colors not possible
  • Ink on the surface of films

In order to meet the requirements of an ever-changing industry our efforts in development never stop.


We have developed various types of films because of the broad range of ink systems:

Our grades ABS/TPU Mono and coex films have been optimized for direct printing and are suitable for solvent-based inks.
These films are available in a transparent version (color code 000) or in white (color code 031). If the film is white and printing is from above, the color layer should be sealed with a transparent coating to protect it from damage through stresses.  

For latex-based inks (2nd generation of HP latex printer) we have developed ABS/TPU-based films as well as PA-based films in order to meet all types of requirements. Films for latex printing are labeled with the additional letter LX in their name.

Please note that these details are basic recommendations based on longtime experience with common printing systems. In individual cases it may be necessary to clarify the suitability of a printing method or printing ink to be used with the respective manufacturer and ensured through diagnostic testing. In some cases employment of primers may be necessary. 

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