Im Automotive-Sektor finden unsere Produkte vielfältige Anwendungen.
  • LAMINAEX for floor panels (trailers, commercial vehicles etc.)

    Up until recently, the material of choice for this application was plywood. However, plywood floor panels are easily destroyed by moisture despite surface treatment!

    LAMINAEX , a completely synthetic material, is the much better alternative, as attested to by our long-time experience in the application of formwork panels. LAMINAEX panels are made according to customer specifications, ready for installation, and provide a balanced combination of rigidity and specific weight.

    For this purpose, the two outer aluminium layers of the LAMINAEX AL EP panel are treated with an epoxy basecoat to provide for adhesion of a rubber mat or floor covering (similar to the treatment of wooden panels). Based on this technology, our sandwich panel has long been considered an established product for the use in horsebox trailers and is state-of-the-art in this segment.

    Type of panel
    LAMINAEX AL EP, polypropylene foam with aluminium foam and epoxy coating
    Thickness of panel: 18 mm or 21mm

    Property profile

    • Low weight
      The low weight of LAMINAEX panels facilitates transportation and logistics.

    • Resistance against chemicals
      Thanks to its high resistance against acids, LAMINAEX offers a broad range of applications in the field of transportation and is highly durable.

    • Water resistance
      In contrast to regular wooden panels, LAMINAEX sandwich panels do not absorb any water, thus there is no swelling or shrinkage and product life of panels is significantly increased.

    • Clean solution
      LAMINAEX provides clean solutions in the truest sense of the word – handling and cleaning are easy and environmentally sustainable. At the end of their product life, LAMINAEX panels can be recycled in an ecologically sustainable manner.

    • Surface
      Whether our customers require anti-slip surface for application in floor areas or innovative design of walls – we manufacture LAMINAEX panels with almost any surface structure according to customer specifications.


  • FIM applications for indoor and outdoor applications

    Thanks to their unique combination of high resistance against chemicals, high heat deflection temperatures, high abrasion resistance and very high transparency, our high-quality PA films are perfect for finishing plastic parts (i.e. in the FIM process) used in indoor and outdoor applications. We further offer UV-resistant and weather-resistant materials especially for outdoor applications.

    Our ABS and PP films are also a popular choice for utilization in the automotive industry.

    Appealing prints on films with embossed structures provide components with a high-quality finish.

    Examples for indoor applications:
    edgings, covers of air conditioning units, radios or navigation devices, logos, etc.


    Examples for outdoor applications:
    edgings, paneling, pillar covers, logos