CNC processing


In order to meet the most stringent customer requirements, we utilize in-house CNC processing installations and panel saws. On our 3-axis processing machines we manufacture our products according to your individual specifications pertaining to drilling, chamfers and sheet formats.

Maximum dimensions:

Height: max. 100 mm
Width: max. 2800 mm
Length: max. 5300 mm 

CNC milling of ski sidewalls

Sheets manufactured in the extrusion process are milled in specifically developed processing machines ready for installation as ski sidewalls according to customer specifications.

CNC processing and work pieces

We provide a broad range of CNC machines for processing of all extruded sheets and sintered block materials of our subsidiary ISOKON to meet individual requirements.

We offer:
• Milling
• Lathing
• Profiling
• Cutting

CNC machines with work platform

Width: from 600 mm to 2400 mm
Length: from 1000 mm to 5600 mm

Maximum Dimension: 5600x2450x750mm

CNC cutting plotter

We have a CNC cutting plotter in-house which we utilize especially in the scope of processes involving insert technology for our decorative film materials. 
For more information, please see Insert, Die-Cut

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Günter Erhardt
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