Extrusion sheets

The right product is essential for every application: whether single-layer standard or multi-layer extrusion sheets – by applying various thermoplastic materials we offer you a broad range of products with thicknesses from approximately 1.0mm to 14mm.

We place special focus on offering our customers a vast variety of various product features and on ensuring outstanding processability. Shrinkage and flatness are optimally geared to meet all requirements (such as thermoforming technology, tank construction, etc.).

We offer a large variety of materials with a broad range of properties ranging from top mechanical durability, electric conductivity, outstanding adhesive properties, good acoustic insulation to high dimensional stability resistant to temperature fluctuations.
By adding various filler materials (mineral, natural, glass or basalt fibers) we optimize our products towards the applications of our customers. 

ABS sheet products, ISODUR

For our production range of thermoplastic sidewalls, we employ especially modified ABS qualities. Besides this feature, we also provide manufacturing of ABS sheet products according to individual customer specifications according to request.
Please contact us – we are looking forward to assisting you!

PE and PP sheet products

Visit the website of our subsidiary ISOKON to find out more about our vast product range of polyolefin sheet products. Find out more about our special design, a sandwich construction with a PP foam core here (sandwich panel).

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