Embossed films & Opto 4D

An impressive experience!

One of our main areas of expertise is the production of high-quality embossed foils. Starting from highly transparent polyamides, embossed films are also available in PP, PC, PMMA or ABS. Simple relief embossing in various designs is applied with state-of-the-art embossing rolls on one side of the foils. According to structure, embossing takes place directly during extrusion or in a separate step. This way, transparent films (e.g. PA, PC, PMMA) can be enhanced with exceptional decorative effects using back printing technology.

But even with opaque colored material embossed structures may look very high-valency. Due to the embossed surface structure, the films do not only have a nice design, furthermore they provide a magnificent haptic experience.

The scratch resistance is also significantly enhanced by careful selection of the embossing pattern!

But the best of the best – the premium league of embossed foils, so to speak  – are our highly transparent OPTO 4D films!


Discover the 4th Dimension!

Based on precisely targeted, double-sided embossing we have managed to develop a film with unique optical depth effects (lenticular effects) with outstanding material properties!
Optical effects are perfected thanks to targeted printing, providing an unlimited scope of design possibilities! Thus OPTO 4D opens up a new dimension in the field of decorative films.

In the standard version, these films are made of PA12, ensuring outstanding product properties such as high resistance against chemical substances and scratches, high UV resistance and high heat deflection temperatures. Thanks to outstanding resistance against weather conditions they are also particularly suited for outdoor applications. 

Production of OPTO 4D films with other transparent materials as PC or PMMA is also possible.

The following embossed structures are offered as standard versions:

promotional articles, exclusive packaging (perfumes, jewelry, cases for eyeglasses, etc.), displays, decorative applications or logos, covers for leaflets and greeting cards, lighting technology (diffuser films, lamp shades), FIM (Film Insert Molding), Ski and snowboard surfaces, furniture surfaces, ….