Films for FIM applications

ISOSPORT is the longtime world market leader in the production of high performance films for ski and snowboard surfaces. These films keep proving themselves on the market and are considered state-of-the-art in ski construction technology. We have now further developed our films for the utilization in FIM components and have expanded our product portfolio for these applications.

FIM (Film Insert Molding)

FIM is a special type of injection molding process during which high-quality parts are produced in high numbers in a cost-efficient manner. 

During this process, the design is printed on a film, which is then formed into a shape of a component and the polymer melt is injected onto the “back” of the film. This allows for the production of components with high-quality surfaces and for quick, flexible and individual changes of their design according to specifications. 

Applications: Automotive covers and moldings, medical technology, design and fashion products, household appliances, E/E