ISOCAP - Transparent surface films

Our transparent surface films were developed especially for use in ski and snowboard construction. Naturally ISOSPORT ensures that these products comply with customer requirements in terms of their basic properties such as low temperature impact strength and adhesive properties (i.e. with epoxy systems) to meet the highest standards in customer requirements.

Further, these films are characterized by outstanding geometrical properties (distortion, flatness, etc.) that ensure perfect processing conditions during ski construction. Thanks to special pre-treatment, some of these surface films can also be decorated using thermotransfer printing and/or screen-printing. Select products are also suitable for direct digital printing.

Beside grades with glossy or matt finishes, films are also offered with embossments, providing additional creative design options.  

  • ICP Opto 4D

    An state-of-the-art optical film with special depth effects, excellent abrasion resistance and transparency. The film can be decorated using screen-printing or thermal transfer printing.

    For further information, please see Opto 4D.

  • ICP 8210

    The universal top surface is suitable for almost all types of application! This bi-layer PA11/PA12 film of outstanding temperature stability features great wear performance thanks to high rigidity and excellent abrasion resistance. Further assets include dimensional stability, high surface brilliance and outstanding UV stability. The film can be decorated using thermal transfer printing and with standard screen-printing colors (also aqueous).

    Depending on specifications, ICP 8210 is available in various versions and thicknesses up to 0.6mm. In the “ultra-light” grade (UL), a matte backside combined with film thicknesses between 0.15 mm to 0.8 mm is available on rolls. This version is the most frequently used polyamide film in the fields of ski, snowboard and watersports.


  • ICP 8210 LX

    Transparent, bi-layer surface film made of modified polyamide for latex digital printing.


  • ICP 8212

    Is a variant of ICP 8210 with a modified surface structure. We offer this film in the pre-treated variants 2GV or 2EV, allowing for sublimation or screen-printing from both sides.


  • ICP 2115

    Highly transparent, UV-stable ABS/TPU standard cap film with glossy, matte or structured surface and various structure options on the backside. 2115 is an advanced version of 2112 with improved transparency, rigidity or improved bondability. Recommended decoration with solvent inks and two-component epoxy inks. The “DD” variant of ICP 2115 features state-of-the-art geometrical and optical properties for decoration with digital film printing systems based on solvent inkjets (i.e. HP Design jet).


  • ICP 5275

    Modified TPU bi-layer film with good transparency, neutral inherent color, good flatness and high surface rigidity for a broad range of applications in alpine skis, snowboards and watersports equipment. The film is offered in glossy, matte or structured versions. Decoration is available using screen-printing with aqueous or solvent inks.


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