Monofilaments and multifilaments

Stereo is out. Mono and Multi are in.

We mainly extrude monofilaments for the production of our ISOSPEED tennis strings.
Of course these filaments can also be utilized in other applications such as welding wires, music strings, fishing lines or for the use in 3D printers. 

For this purpose we use various thermoplastics (such as PET, PA, PP, PBT, TPU, ABS, PLA, PE) and process them into drawn and undrawn filaments with diameters between 0.3mm and 5mm. In addition to our standard circular cross-section, we also offer various polygonal cross-sections. To meet our customers’ special requirements we also utilize specialized polymer formulations that we develop and compound based on our own expertise. 

Based on our special winding method we provide our customers with stranded multifilaments. We produce fiber bundles made of PA or PET and ribbons made of PET, PA and PP stranded in combination or unadulterated. Monofilaments (between 0.3mm and 0.9mm) and thin wires can be integrated into the strings.

Available diameters are 0.6mm to 1.8mm.

We also provide customer-specific compositions and material combinations. Please contact us for further information! 

ISOSPEED - Power Ribbons

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Martin Baxa
+43 2682 703 312

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