Extrusion & compounding

In the extrusion process, a thermoplastic is melted in a heated cylinder, continuously homogenized with an extruder screw and transported towards the nozzle.

In the optimally adjusted flat nozzle (flat film extrusion) the hot polymer melt comes out as melt strip and immediately flows onto the cooled or tempered barrel with a state-of-the-art steel or rubber surface.

  • Compounding

    For the production of filmssheets and monofilaments based on state-of-the-art polymer formulations, most of which we developed based on our own know-how, we utilize several compounders.

    Based on primary raw materials and additives, many of which are processed in powder form we produce granulates which are further processed into films, sheets, and monofilaments.

    To increase productivity, we employ direct extrusion (without the intermediate step of granulation) to directly produce films or sheets in a highly cost-efficient manner.

  • Monofilament extrusion

    For the production of our round and profile filaments, which, among other things, we require for manufacturing (stranding) of our ISOSPEED tennis strings, we use extruders with suitable round or profile nozzles.