1969  Foundation of the company, production of laminates is launched
1970  Production of extrusion begins – sale of extruded  running base
1982  Integration of the plant Hall in Tirol
1984  Production launch sintering – sale of high-quality sintered  running base
1989  Market launch of the first Isospeed tennis strings
1995  Acquisition Isokon Slovenia
1996  Foundation Isosport Hungaria
2003  Market launch of LaminaeX panels
2007  Market launch Opto 4D lenticular film with optical depth-effect
2011  Launch of a new press for the production of traction mats (Isokon, Slovenia)
2012  Strategic realignment for the development of new markets (Business Development)
2014  Implementation Clean Room - Extrusion (Isosport Hall)
2015  Launch of a new extrusion plant for the production of state-of-the-art high performance films in
          the Clean Room (Isosport Eisenstadt)
2017  Factory closure Hall/Tirol
2018  Acquisition TDS Industrija d.o.o. Production of high-quality wood cores
2020  Acquisition Koplast – Production of extruded profiles for several industries
2022  Acquisition Novo Tech – Production of mats for several industries
2022  Acquisition Tomplast – Injection molding for several industries