FIM (Film Insert Molding)

ISOSPORT is the longtime world market leader in the production of high performance films for ski and snowboard surfaces. We have now further developed our films for the utilization in FIM components.

Tennis strings

ISOSPEED is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of premium synthetic tennis strings. As a seperate product line of ISOSPORT, ISOSPEED has benefited from its many years of experience in manufacturing and postprocessing synthetics.

High performance films

This group encompasses high-quality film products with wall thicknesses below approx. 1.5 mm. Their unique and individual properties are optimized and geared towards the application required.

Ski & board components

ISOSPORT is the world market leader in innovative plastic composite materials for the ski, snowboard and watersports industry. As the worldwide largest supplier we are committed to meeting the highest quality standards.

Sheets & panels

The right product is essential for every application: whether single-layer standard or multi-layer extrusion sheets – by applying various thermoplastic materials we offer you a broad range of products.


ISOSPORT manufactures various fiber-compound materials with epoxy matrix in continuous processes. This way we are able to offer you top-quality laminates with properties tailored to customer specifications.

Protection films

State-of-the-art film materials require protection films to guard their sensitive surfaces against abrasion or other mechanical influences.

Sandwich-composite panels

Technical product requirements are continuously increasing: high durability and low weight are key. To meet these demands, ISOSPORT has developed LAMINAEX panels based on sandwich construction.

Great Place To Work - Certified

Since December 2021 ISOSPORT is a "Great Place to Work"!

ISOSPORT awarded!

ISOSPORT was awarded at the Innovationsspeis 2022 in the category "Small, Medium and Large Companies"!

Sustainable Energy at ISOSPORT!

The istallation of appx. 1.100 solar-panels is finished!