Food industry

For this industry segment, ISOKON offers thermoplastic extrusion and sintered sheets made of polyethylene or polypropylene as semi-finished sheets or processed workpieces finished on our CNC machines for the following applications:

Spacer plates for autoclaves used in the sterilization process in the food industry

ISOSTER sterilization pads are a high-quality, cost-efficient solution for the utilization in the sterilization process in pressure vessels. These compact plates have been developed for the harshest conditions and their state-of-the-art material composition ensures excellent bending strength under high-temperature conditions.

Cutting and chopping boards for catering and gastronomy

Restaurants and hotel kitchens, private households and similar establishments have grown to rely on the high quality of KOTERM PE 500 cutting and chopping boards. They are successfully utilized in the preparation and processing of meat products, in fish processing and in all manufacturing plants that apply modern technologies

Sliders for conveyor systems and bottling plants

ISOKON components for conveyor systems, canning lines, and bottling plants and tailor-made components are utilized in critical areas and ensure interference-free transport of the goods in the plants thanks to excellent sliding behavior.


Films for industrial hoses

For the production of hoses, we offer high-quality skived films made of polyethylene with outstanding sliding behavior and high abrasion resistance, used as protective layers on the insides and outsides of hoses. Further, we offer films made according to customer specifications with very high electrical conductivity or improved UV and temperature resistance for highly demanding and specialized applications.

Our hosepipes are employed in the food industry for the transport of solid or liquid materials. We also offer sheet grades produced especially for food hoses that are manufactured to meet FDA and USDA requirements.


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